Nov 6, 2007

Chicken Patties

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This is my entry to Monthly Mingle-grill it Event hosted by Sig on Live to Eat.

1 lb ground chicken / chicken breasts.
1onion chopped
5 cloves garlic.
small piece of ginger.
3 green chillies.
fresh parsley.
curry leaves.
1 tsp pepper.
salt to taste.
2 tsp olive oil.
If u don't have ground chicken , just grind the chicken breast coarsely.In a mixing bowl knead all the ingredients together.

Make them into patties.Grill them on a fairly hot grill. just turn them once. make sure they are cooked on both the sides.

serve with Burger buns.


  1. Hi Sathya, thanks for participating in Monthly Mingle!

  2. Great idea. My kid loves burgers/patties from the grill. So this is a perfect idea for the next time we grill. Thanks for joining us at the MM!


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