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1 Cup All-purpose Flour [ sifted ].
1 tsp Baking powder [ sifted ].
1 Cup Sugar [ divided into 3/4 cup and 1/4 cup ].
1/4 tsp Salt.
3 Egg yolks separated.
2 Egg whites Separated.
1/4 Cup water.
2 tsp vanilla Extract

Combine all the dry ingredients [flour, baking powder and salt] into a bowl and mix well.
Beat 3 egg yolks at high speed for about 1 minute.

Add 3/4 cup sugar into the yolk mixture and beat for about 5 minutes until the yolk mixturethickens.

Mix 2tsp vanilla extract and 1/4 cup water to the mixture beating at low speed.

Add the dry ingredients to the yolk mixture beating constantly until a thick batter is formed.keep it aside.

Now add the egg whites in a separate bowl and beat them until they are foamy.

Add rest of the sugar to the whites till they come to a form.

Stir one fourth of the white mixture to batter.Now gently fold in rest of the white mixture into the batter.

Pour the batter into a greased pan.Bake at 350 degrees F for about 35 minutes or until thetoothpick inserted comes out clean.

Cool the cake completely and remove it from the pan.

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