Fried Chicken

2:44 PM

Fried chicken can be prepared in so many ways and this is my version. It uses only simple ingredients and can be prepared in no time.

5 no chicken drumstick
1 egg
2 T light soy sauce
1 T all-purpose flour or maida
1/2 T corn starch
1 t pepper powder
2 t chili powder
1/2 t all-spice powder ( optional )
1/2 t ginger garlic paste
salt, to taste
oil for deep frying


Wash the chicken, make small slits and keep aside.

In a separate bowl, beat the egg until frothy. Add soy sauce, flour and corn starch,
mix well.

Mix in chili powder, all-spice powder, pepper powder and ginger garlic paste. Make sure all the ingredients are mixed well into a smooth marinade.

Check for salt, be careful while adding salt, as soy sauce already has salt in it.

Add in the chicken pieces one by one and mix well to coat the marinade.

Keep it refrigerated for 2 to 3 hours.

Heat oil in a heavy bottom pan, fry the drumsticks until golden brown and crisp on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside.

Serve with a sauce of your choice.

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