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1 cup basmati rice [ soaked in water for 20minutes].

1/2 cup carrot, sliced into cubes.

1/2 cup green beans, thinly sliced.

1/2 cup cauliflower, separated into tiny flowers.

1/2 cup mushroom, sliced thinly.

1/2 cup potatoes, sliced thinly.

1/2 cup bell pepper of any colour, sliced into thin stripes.

1/4 cup green peas.

1 big onion, thinly sliced .

1 tomato, chopped.

2 green chillies, cut into halves.

1 tbsp ginger garlic paste.

3 cardamom pods.

2 bay leaves.

3 cloves.

1 cinnamon.

1/2 tsp fennel seeds.

1/2 cup mint leaves.

1 tsp curry powder.

1/4 tsp chili powder.

1/4 tsp coriander powder.

1 tsp ghee.

1 tsp oil.

1/4 tsp turmeric powder.


1 1/2 cups water.


Heat ghee and oil in a pan.Add bay leaves,cardamom,cinnamon,cloves and fennel , let them fry for a minute.Now add the green chillies and onion , fry them .

Add ginger garlic paste , fry them to release the raw aroma.Add tomatoes , fry them till they are tender.

Add the veggies , curry powder,chilli powder,coriander powder and turmeric , mint leaves ,mix well.

Add rice ,salt and mix well.Add water and transfer the whole mixture into a rice cooker.

if cooking with a pressure cooker , put the whistle on and leave it in simmer for 10 -12 minutes.

If u are using the frozen peas , thaw them and add it to the rice at last . As the peas is already cooked and freezed ,they become mushy when u cook them again. If not add it along with vegetables.

When rice is cooked, mix gently adding few drops of ghee and parsely.

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